Bloop | 2023

site-specific instalation in Montownia, Gdańsk

curator: Aneta Szyłak

technical and technological coordination: Daniel Sobański

Zawicki’s installation is site-specific, i.e. created especially for this place and inspired by it. In his interpretation, the submarine assembly plant is inhabited not only by technical matter, but also possibly by other natural matter. Let’s imagine a mysterious creature from the depths of the sea. Maybe it’s a cephalopod, because tentacles emerge from the grates on the ceiling, maybe it’s a mammal with an unusual structure, or maybe it’s a creature that we don’t know yet and that is yet to come. The surface of this creature is shiny and opalescent. Mmaybe nature did it, maybe deposits of plastic in the oceans. 

Having been fascinated by the shipyard for years, we may not have thought what creatures encountered ships and submarines that were built here. The artificially created artistic form is not complete, but strangely familiar. We can interpret it in various ways: associate it with the legend of a sea monster, a contemporary story about an endangered planet for which we are responsible and on which our survival depends.

The title of the work Bloop refers to the name of loud sound recorded in 1997 in the waters of the Pacific, recorded by numerous sensors. The source of this sound has not been definitively defined, but some measurements indicated an object at least 75 meters long, which is many times larger than the largest ocean creatures known to man.

Aneta Szyłak